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The US interest rate has changed and Argentina relieves – 30/01/2013

This week, in Washington, Jerome Powell has announced that the Fed (U.S. Central Bank) has not decided to change the benchmark interest rate.around 2.5%. Argentina is a positive event considering the financing need to cover the deficit of public accounts. and In addition, capital is recovering with the US Treasury bonds.

After confirming the commitment to pay taxes in December, Powell warnedThe scenario is no longer the same. "Economic growth in the world has slowed down, it will be a close government Negative impact on the GDP of this quarter and economic conditions have worsened ", US officials had no reason to raise fees.

In addition, the president of the organization commented that Fed sees "conflicts and contradictions" in global economic growth. Amongst these conflicts, United States trade negotiations stressed its tensions Brexit (Exiting the United Kingdom of the United Kingdom) and shut down (United States Government closure).

If asked to raise the next decision or lower the rates, Powell said "It is based exclusively on economic results. We do not make a trial, it's not a priority. We will wait patiently and clarify the economic results, "he said.

At the end of the press conference, reporter Powell asked if he felt Trump pressures or stop the rise of the market rate. He replied: "Mine The only motivation is correct economy and the Americans. The situation demands patience. We see a scenario of vibration and we have a great time at waiting times ".

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