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The US lunar program is based on corporations

The next US landing moon will be made by private companies – not NASA.

Jim Bridenstin of the NASA Administration announced Thursday that nine companies will compete for US to bring their experiments to the surface. Bridenstine says NASA is buying a service and giving it a private opinion.

The goal is to achieve the science and technology experiments on the surface of the moon as soon as possible. The first flight could be the next year. 2019 celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first lunar landing.

NASA announces only three days after landing the Marsen spacecraft. NASA wants to see how it looks to launch commerical delivery services.

Nine companies, representing seven states, are:

Astrobiotic Technology Inc., Pittsburgh; Deep Space Systems, Littleton, Colorado; Draper, Cambridge, Massachusetts; Firefly Aerospace Inc., Cedar Park, Texas; Intuitive machines, Houston; Lockheed Martin, Littleton, Colorado; Masten Space Systems Inc., Mojave, California; Moon Express, Cape Canaveral; and Orbit Beyond, Edison, New Jersey.

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