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The vaccine for boys against hawks and rubles in the last days


27% have not yet received a vaccine reinforcement Source: Archive – Credit: Shutterstock

The campaign to vaccinate against children aged 13 months to 4 years ends next Friday
27% still receive an additional dose, free and compulsory, according to the Ministry of Health.

The health authorities were urging families to move to the nearest vaccinations center where their children receive "compulsory and free" immunity among elderly people in that country.

Through the campaign, every four October, every four months, it is carried out to reduce the effect of mosquitoes and rubella after receiving an additional dose of 2,054,779 last Wednesday.

For the target population, 2,817,000 doses should be applied, 750,000 children have been asked to pay 750,000 children, 73% of coverage, said Dionis, the author of immunological diseases (Dicei), Cristian Biscayart

"It is very important that they still do not have children in nursery school, those who are missing those days, to get a better coverage," the official asked.

According to data from the Health Organization (PAHO), from the beginning of the year and until October 23, 8,091 cases of illness have been confirmed, including 85 deaths.
in 11 regional countries.

Venezuela (5,525 cases and 73 deaths) is headed by Brazil (2,192 cases and 12 deaths) and the United States (142 cases). In Argentina, the total
14 cases

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