Saturday , June 10 2023

The valve will reduce the $ 10 million commission


With this December entry, Steam Starts a particularly important movement: the titles they get amazing revenues will be reduced to the corresponding charge. And a giant is making at least eight dollars.

Goal? Promoters and publishers: A particular item is sold at Steam, the greater the percentage of income that the publisher will receive, which increases the elasticity of the prices open to the door.

But first, make sure the awards are rewarded for developers for very profitable purposes. To give an example, a game that is worth ten dollars can sell a million copies, Steam will give more money to the creators.

Our hope is that this change will be rewarded with positive access by gaming developers, enhancing Steam's and community's interest.

Of course, you need to take advantage of this $ 10 million in revenue. In fact, a new Steam distribution agreement is established three levels of distribution The income obtained from October 1, 2018 will be applied to:

  • When a game earns more than 10 million dollars in Steam, the amount of income to be applied will be adjusted 75% for the company and 25% for Valvara.

  • On the other hand, the participation of tickets will be adjusted 80% for the company and 20% more than 50 million dollars in Valver.

  • In the end, the games that appear to be worth $ 10 million will continue to be followed by usual treatment that Gamasutra sets 70% versus 30% commission from Valv.


It is noteworthy that among these are gaming packages, DLC, game sales and communal market game fees. Basically, any player who can invest his money any element.

The value of a large Steam-like network has many benefits, not only among the participants, but also amongst all. Finding the right resources to reflect these contributions is very difficult in a network that works well.

It has always been clear that successful games and large audiences may have an influence on the network, so Steam wants to make sure that it is an attractive platform for those games. net.

In addition, Steam has changed the confidentiality of sales data, so provisions are being updated so that they can clearly share their sales data on the game.


Interesting movementTo get a brand or reach the goal? rethinking the price of large productions and committing to increase the quality and experience of other games. Something is essential in a 50,000 daily return platform.

After all, at least 5% of 10 million dollars is a must-have incentive.

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