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The venture capitalist Tim Draper recommended a Mac for the bitcoin

Saturday, March 23, 2019 5:06 PM

On March 20th, Tim Draper He met the Argentine president Mauricio Macri and recommended it to attract entrepreneurs to transform this country. One of the proposals made to the President was the replacement of the Argentine Pesos Bitcoin. La Nacion announced on March 22

In an interview with María Julieta Rumik, this medium has been seen Tim Draper -Again on the road, about new technologies and the potential of Bitcoin.

Tim Draper In the world of entrepreneurs, it's already famous and the country was Draper Cygnus, the Argentinean country of Draper Venture Network, with the annual gathering of members of the DVN of Buenos Aires. .

therefore, Tim Draper joined with Mauricio Macri and urged Argentina to transform Argentina to avoid brain drain due to the economic situation.

"We talked about the value of Bitcoin and Weight, and I proposed a bet: if weighing more than Bitcoins, I double the investment I'm making in the country, and if it gets more Bitcoin than it did, it could not claim a bitcoin national currency. It would be better, since trust in the world is not ", I said Draper In a room of the Ministry of Production, the audience of Fintech + Blockchain Summit Draper Cygnus Arranged for the second day of the investor's visit.

In a conversation about a Bitcoin question, Draper He explained: "I said that between 2092 and 2023 Bitcoin will cost USD 250,000, and I think that means that Bitcoin will have five percent of the world's currency market, that's definitely going to happen, as soon as you can. Use weights or dollars like Bitcoins. People will choose bitcoins because they are decentralized and open because they are frictional and global. The currency is excellent, while the weight is related to what the government does, you need to enter something you do not want to get in and you have to face the falling coin. They will choose more, they can do all the things they do, with weight, so I think that's why I made the prediction and then His commitment to the president was a joke: he is a brilliant man, he will investigate and see if his country is sensible " he emphasized.

Draper Why does Bitcoin and Blockchain think that the internet is a revolution? "It's really a good time for Argentinian entrepreneurs, because of the crisis, the time is the heroes that arise, the country has some of the best entrepreneurs." he said.

"I'm interested in Bitcoin and its associated technologies, such as blockchain, intelligent contracts, payment channel networks and open nodes." These technologies allow complete changes in banking, commercial and financial systems. There are a lot of data, what is learned about this technology and the damage caused by artificial intelligence ", he said.

He also talked about artificial intelligence, because we see a significant change in healthcare assistance, but also everything related to insurance. If you take large amounts and apply smart contracts, it will work for an interesting insurance company, through blockchain, the contract is built and someone who receives claim claims with premium payments with bitcoins. your payment immediately. "For social security, health insurance, governments have historically been given everything". You specified

"Now, governments are a tool that is a tool that can provide all that is and limit them, which would be a tool that would be to make tribes become services all over the world" he added.



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