Saturday , January 29 2022

The War DLC was the idea of ​​God … Another God of war!


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Without a doubt, the sweetest of last year's video games came in God of war. Although a good amount of content was good, many of the fans of the game preferred it and, of course, we would have to pay more. Santa Monica studio The new franchise franchise was clear from the beginning I would not have DLC, but it seems that It was not always this.

During a conference GameOverGreggy Show On YouTube, the game's director, Cory Barlog, explain why they did not have the new God of War DLC. Barlog said the idea was "very funny" for additional content but could be "very ambitious."

"When we began to write some DLC, we said," What were we doing later? "They were interesting ideas … It was over. So everyone told me that" this is the weird one, this is not a DLC, it's a bit dumb. "

The director is used as an example Uncharted: Lost Legacy He explained that he meant to say "a bit huge" It was almost a new game of War God!

More than sadness Kratos and Come on For now, it is still very interesting to be aware of the new Trilogy of God of War.

Source: GameOverGreggy Show (YouTube)

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