Monday , May 10 2021

The women who visited Epuyen died and already have ten victims of Hantavirus

She is a 29-year-old woman after spending a few days staying at Epuy, after visiting another victim who died last.

Identified by local communities Patricia Henriquez. There are ten serious cases with this new death: Of these nine in the Cordillera in Argentina, the latest official report indicates that they are already infected with 28 hantavirus.

The young woman had symptoms in the town of Palena, 250 kilometers from Puerto Montt, and went to the local hospital and finally went to the Tórax hospital in the Chilean capital on the first week of January.

According to Jose Antonio Vergara, Doctor of Epidemiology of the Department of Health of Los Lagos, "he related to epigenization related to his epigenetics in the province of Chubut, Argentina. We will regret this decision. We know all efforts to recover (") we call the population to preventive measures to maintain the natural reservoir of the disease the risk of environmental exposure, "he said.


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The young woman was a civil servant at the Palena Hospital and her family was named as an excellent professional.

In the last part of the Ministry of Health of Chubut, two new cases were reported on Saturday on the Hantavirus of the Cordillera, with a total of 28 infected and 9 deaths. The Chilean woman was not yet calculated.

According to official communication, there are two cases in the town of El Maitén, entered into Esquel Hospital and another person from El Bolson, transferred to the Hospital of Bariloche Hospital.

"28 positive cases have reported that the epidemiological link is linked to the emergence of Hantavirus located in Epaïen", reports.

The Mayor of Epuyen, Antonio Reato, informed Télam last Saturday that the presence of the police officers in the province of Chubut has increased, and control of observations and people with direct contact will necessarily be insulated, Judge Judicially imposed by Judge Esquel, Martin Zacchino.

"Time is difficult, but we must move forward, and people must ask, we can go ahead quickly," said the mayor.

Epuyén accepts a new day for tourists and their neighbors to be locked in their homes, afraid of a terrifying accident. The Ministry of Health sent to the town told Telamiri that Chinstrap did not only isolate families as needed. "There is no danger in people outside of the open air, in close environments and in contact with infected people," they said to calm the population.

In the statements of TN, Adolfo Rubinstein, Secretary of Health, said the infections started in a 15-year celebration on 8 November last year. "He was involved in the conference and he was contacted at the same time with people with pollution," he explained.

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