Tuesday , June 22 2021

The words of Marcelo Tinelli after the suspension of the Superfinal of the Liberators between River and Boca: "The most unfortunate is that there were no responsible"

Last weekend, Argentine football wrote one of its saddest pages after the suspension of the Superfinal of the Copa Libertadores enter River and Mouth because of aggression to the campus Xeneize when he arrived at Monumental stadium.

Marcelo Tinelli He referred to this in ShowMatch And these were the highlighted phrases of the driver.

– I wanted to send a kiss to the Boca squad. The players are non-victimized victims, they suffered tremendous aggression. Luckily, common sense prevailed and the game was not played.

– The most unfortunate is that you are not responsible.

– It's tremendous what happened, like when it was the pepper gas on the Boca field.

– This is not to criticize River, Boca, Conmebol or the Government, but it can not be that there is no person in charge. Nobody takes care of it.

– It was a shame, outrageous, it was very sad. We need solutions.

– If you do not have to play the game, do not play it.

– It's sad to think that you can play outside the country.

– It was a very strong aggression. They are all videos and they can act perfectly. Nothing justifies that madness.

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