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The Xbox LIVE error does not make use of the Xbox One


After a few chaotic moments, Microsoft found a solution to Xbox LIVE's problems because it caused a black screen on some consoles. So you do not have any problems enjoying your Xbox One content.

"Fixed problems with Xbox One startup, login, update, and status page. Thanks for staying with us, our team made mistakes and we evaluated reports. We're here and we're always listening." he mentioned On Twitter on Twitter


When did you turn on a Xbox One, a black screen appears? Relax, the bad thing is not with your console. Only Xbox LIVE error is working to repair Microsoft.

At times, many users of the Xbox One subreds, as well as social networks like Twitter, have welcomed the console to the main menu, to a black screen. Interestingly, your Xbox One sounds like they can navigate the menus without problems, they can only be seen.

As you can imagine, this problem is not in hardware, so it's easy to rest. In fact, this situation arose as a result of a software and Xbox LIVE error. Fortunately, Microsoft has identified the cause of the error and everything is becoming normal again.

"Our groups identify and monitor the cause of the problem. Thank you for your patience. We will give you another update to let you know about other changes," Microsoft mentioned in support accounts On Xbox on Twitter.

And you, would you have had a problem? Tell us about your comments.

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