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The young woman who denounced Senator K was now a national deputy


Stephani Calo said lawmakers La Campora had asked for sexual happiness to be allowed to open the basic unit. Jorge "El Loco" I indicated Romero to avoid abuse

The young woman who denounced Senator K was now a national deputy

Senator Jorge Romero, in the center of the provincial policy / archive scandal

Sexual abuse allegations spread in the wider politics of Buenos Aires. Kirchner's young militant, a citizen of the province of La Campora, has been told that a national deputy of the organization has demanded sexual favors as a condition for the opening of the basic unit.

"Then he told me: to give me a basic unit that you should pile up for … Someone pays your wages and taxes. Pretty kilomber. When they pour Pepper gas, they first cry, the first to denounce repression, but we forget about pibas," he said Former militant Stephani Calo to explain the identity of his new victim.

Calo said in January 2017, leaving a dance hall, two girls and two more were invited to the party of the friends of Jorge El Loco Romero, after which, after a few hours, the house of Romero was locked in the kitchen and afterwards, He tried to make oral sex.

The military also mentioned the name of the person in charge of La Cámpora, who told him about the abuse suffered by Romero: Miguel Ángel Despo Kirchner said that he was responsible for logistics.

In front of the complaint, the senator said that he rejected political "political responsibilities". However, he did not formalize his resignation for his bank, since he had renewed the Senate Senate sources.

"I am a man raised in a patriarchal man, I am also a politician, based on the visibility of colleagues in my place and my organization, I have seen that sexist practices in the past seemed natural to me at that moment," he admitted Romero on Twitter.

Legislators announced this network, "which is why I decided to postpone political responsibilities to the processes specified in the protocol application" (see special).

Romero is the director of Florencio Varela and responds to the "Cuervo" national deputy Larroque. Over the years, the La cámpora lawmakers of the province supervised the management of funds.


The young man insisted that he did not make a public complaint before fear. "It's always a lot of rumors that you can not participate. El Loco, I liked a lot of people, said I was playing with Nestor Kirchner, I'm the best friend," he said.

Calo said the abuse of the militant Kirchner organizations in 2017 occurred. "The internal director invited me to eat, some other boys came and I took some friends. I said yes, I knew him and he inspired me with confidence," he said.

He added: "We ate at a bar in Palermo, and from there we decided to go to the dance floor, crossing Loco Romero in the middle of the road. We went to the dance floor and one of them decided to go home to be more relaxed."

Already in the Caballito Neighborhood Department, Calo said that sex with a boy, when he was over, he decided to stay with his friends in the room while still being with another militant. Then Romero confirmed it.

"With me, with me and with him, you would be an oral sex," he told me, they were the words of the senator in Buenos Aires. After that, he went into the kitchen and brought it to other young people. "The former advances me and I said I would not feel like that. The boy did not respect me," he said.

"When I left, Loco Romero caught me, put me in the bathroom, closed the door, pulled my pants, and told me he wanted to do oral sex. I did not say it and opened the door," said Calo finally he fled.


If the Senator Romero refuses to leave his bank, he must replace the first replacement of the 2015 election list. Regarding Duhaldismo, former former official is Graciela Giannettasio.

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