Saturday , May 8 2021

The youngest son of Gaston, Pinky and Raúl Lavié told them the latest days of Leonardo Satragn

The death of Leonardo Satragn, the oldest child

Raúl Lavié



Moves the artistic environment.
The circle around Leonardo is with family and friends, and in the conversation with the cycle
involvedGaston, his younger brother, said in the past few months: "I was luckily in love, this last year was so difficult, all my friends helped me very well, but he did not succeed, the sick was already ill, and The second lap is true that he could not physically. "

Credit: Gerardo Viercovich

In the cell phone cellars of Chacarita, Leonardo was shot, Gaston said: "Here we all are: my mother, Leo children, and her friends all over the life, Thank you very much because we show that love is the time incredible." He also determined how he had taken care of Pinky, and how many children he had until his last moment: "We have here with us." He turned away from Leo by hand. We had a disease and we did not say anything, nor did it make sense, as well as being a very brave disease, suddenly you're good and not, and that was not good. I knew what was happening really, and when I found out that this situation could not be irreversible, I went for a look, and I spent two days with Leo. "

In the end Gaston also told his father. Raúl Lavié wanted to continue with the function
Crash cage, and his son agreed to understand and share his decision: "He traveled yesterday at dawn, a five-hour mike, Leo every morning, he said goodbye and, in fact, Leo left us for an hour after leaving the Father, he almost found his career , and it did not make sense to turn around, I saw the comments made by people who worked the same work and thought it was normal for us. We're an artist, and I'm sure I wanted my brother. "

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