Tuesday , January 18 2022

Thelma Fadin, in defense of Juan Darthés, recommended the testimony that Fernando Burlando could "give a lot of explanations" – 10/01/2019


Outside of Justice, Fernando Burlando is a lawyer working in the media defended Juan Darthés The complaint by Thelma Fardin. In fact, according to the complainant, Nikitaagua was made during the play Patito Feo.

By the way, Burlando cited the text, according to him, could be the key. "I think the explanations that the explanation gives us, about the situation that affects many explanations, why the cause of a complaint that caused a lot of damage, maybe there is such a situation not so much with Juan Darthés"said attorney C5N in statements.

The representative of Darthés media said: "Sometimes a family group is essential, we will have a note on Saturday … I am not confused, perhaps, perhaps, we will give a testimony to a person of society (…) above all knowledge a comprehensive situation… mentioned Thelma. "

This Burlando statement, given no more details, added to another key witness to make your client beneficial. It is believed that it would be a hotel worker on the day of violating it by Fardín, he was allowed to leave the door and leave the actress room.

"Thelma may have been a similar situation to those who complained about his complaint, because a staff of that place had to be notified directly to the authorities of the hotel, there was no novelty, there was no state of affairs, to pay attention to the workers, there was not a situation for the authorities to communicate, even if the civil servants or the police officers, "said Burlando.

He added: "We are also helping as a defense argument collective stories of people (actresses), that is, a strategy that does not fall into the state of Calu River. "

Finally, Burlando said: "I believe in the words of Juan, I have not had the courage to take the position, but I have always taken the opportunity, I always tried decisions you will not regret in the future. I saw what kind of person he is, what interests you in life, alleviate me and eliminate all sorts of doubts. "

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