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Thelma Fardn is a clothing line that creates a change

The moment was very difficult Thelma Fardin The rape that had to be standing in front of the camera was a quick story Juan Darths, The Court of the Nicaraguan Court made a criminal offense, but despite the fact that the social condemnation against the actors was very hard, he had to leave the Brazilian country more than a week ago.

Letters aloud in the media and social networks Mir cmo que semos, which originates from the same word as indicated by the agreement, when the girl is only 16 years old in 2009 Now, Thelma is stronger than ever and tries to help other women suffering from gender violence, harassment or sexual abuse .

That's why I promote the line of clothing that suits its name, Thelma, of Carnal. In the future, she will go to a fund for vulnerable women, the actress said, she must be very enthusiastic about the original initiative, the social and special change in favor of the most demanding. In the meantime, ugly duckling does not stop holding his story online, and so Justice will be referred to before.

In this project, the Ona Saez brand was created, with its phrase "exclusive pre-sale" on shirts on its website and social networks: "Mir how to wear", as a focal point for feminism, has a cost of $ 690. Emanez is a Carnal brand designed by Vzquez.

Women for women. The profits go to a fund aimed at the weakest women, without the material means of expressing their voices, explained Fard in his official Instagram account, which shows the model, which includes spelling mistakes. Of course, I have been in support of other artists from the "Actrices Argentinas" collective. Despite the good intentions of young women, critics have not come in for a long time.

Among the renegotiations of social networks, it is noteworthy that Sabrina Cartabia, in case of abuse with Darths who is prosecuting the Nicaraguan Fardin attorney. "It's not correct, it's wrong." Onasaez is not ashamed, "published the brand that promoted the T-shirt together.


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