Wednesday , January 26 2022

There are three ways if you blocked with WhatsApp


Do you want to know if your contact lists "WhatsApp" blacklisted? These three steps allow you to find the messaging app locked.

WhatsAppAn instant messaging application known to block the number you want between your actions, a contact can not connect to you, a function that is not directly notified.

But there are three simple steps for users to put their blacklist in their contacts. We'll tell you now what to block you.

1) The contact's profile picture may be a sign that can be blocked. If you see that the photo update stays, you're in the oven …

2) Another information is to check another person online. Your profile indicates the date of the last connection. If you see "Online", you have not blocked it; But we still suspect that we have not been connecting …

3) Eventually, if you try to add the contact to the group but if you get an error, it's a clear sign that you blocked.

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