Saturday , May 8 2021

There is a slight drop in prices due to sales and sales

The representatives of consumer associations and economists have warned that today's gondolas are low dispersal and low prices.

Focus Market's advice lowered the consumer demand for lower prices at lower prices. "The prices in Argentina are almost always adapted, although sometimes the values ​​may decrease according to promotions", qualified consultant Nelson Pérez Alonso, Claves company. "There is no price decline, no one knows how much it deserves. Especially when pricing is impossible, it's impossible to have a price list, a day-to-day discount, a card discount, etc. Similar things can be more than 30%," Pérez Alonso estimates. . This consultant explained that the Commerce Secretariat had not completely distorted the supermarket's erroneous inflation and communication schemes.

Osvaldo BassanoThe Association for the Defense of Users and Consumers Rights (ADDUC) warned that price expansions should be used to calculate the opposing situations and forces. "What is Palermo's position not just like in other parts of the country? If you start to take a budget, it will be cheaper to find different places that are cheaper or more expensive," Bassano said.

"Also, in neighborhoods with no lorries, the liter of milk will cost $ 34 and $ 30 for hypermarkets, because there is no price down," Bassano said. The leader of ADDUC commented that many traders are struggling to continue working, but want to see what happens in March. "Prices also fall, because there are people who close," he said.

On the other hand, Hector PolinoFree consumers, tolls, electricity, gas, and drinking water were challenged. "These increases change the cost structure and move directly to pricing. Logistics only cost 35% of the cost structure," he estimates. In addition, Polino mentioned the prices of food. "Compared to the drop in sales, there may be some manufacturers that give lower prices than the sale of products, so they do not exceed the expiration date. Many prefer to lower the price and increase profitability," he says. (Telam)

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