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Theresa Mayen "White Button" argued for millions of Argentine people

November 30, 2018

As it happens in ten Argentines, the British prime minister suffers from diabetes. To stay in control, take a small white circle on your arm measuring glucose. How does it work?

du British Prime Minister, Theresa May He came to the country on Thursday. Even if the plane was blazer, the Englishman could leave the weapons he had suffered this Friday, if the temperature rises. If that happens, It may appear a white button that generates a lot of questions.

Theresa Mayen patch is $ 2 for the size of the coin, but the cost is far from this Each one of them has more than $ 10,000 in the sensor. Brits showed English television early in the year, and many believed it could be very helpful. The device is used in the upper arm and controls the glucose levels continuously. They can be read through a device that looks through clean results, which reduces the need for blood analysis on your fingers.

FreeStyle Free is its first type It is controlled by liquid glucose from the filament of the two-hair extraction sensor to the cell. The patch will last for two weeks and save eight hours of data, to show in the graph to see if there is a downward or downward trend in blood sugar levels to people. At the same time, thanks to these sensors, Send data to the app installed on your phone to adjust your dosage of insulin or food intake, if applicable.

After prompting the button, May He said "I often eat and talk at times in ceremonies, so it is a regulation of myself. When I will make a talk or talk, I check (levels) and I am where I am, to adjust to what is necessary".

It's important to keep that in mind Diabetes is considered a true epidemic and results from recent surveys of the National Health Ministry's Risk Factors indicate that 9.8% of those over 18 years old had diabetes or high blood glucose levels, What is 3 million in Argentina. In extreme cases, the illness increases, such as blindness, kidney disease, cardiovascular disease and the lower limbs that may cause amputated problems.

It is known as glucose meter & # 39; Flash technology & # 39;, similar to what he uses MayThey make it possible to significantly reduce the daily perception of the glucose and the tendency. Adriana Angelinathe president Argentine Civil Society for Diabetes (ADA), he assured "Glucose without puncture improves the patient's quality of life, it completely changes. Perhaps without diabetes, it's hard to understand the change, though It's very difficult to cherish yourself several times a day, everyday, during your life. Diabetes cure today is not an option, but we acknowledge the loss of significant progress that directly affects our quality of life".

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