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These are Google alternatives for your messaging applications


He saw him Last year, Google stepped into Hangouts with Chat and Hangouts Meet Hangouts field-only professional, the regular version closed all votes and will be in 2020. Hanging Google Allo closes.

A source has confirmed that Google 9to5 Google will close the Hangouts in 2020, so users can only use the messaging service in 2019. In 2020, it will be working and disappearing. Google will focus on other message applications.

Hangouts closes in 2020


Hangouts Born in 2013 as a result of Google Talk and Google+ Messenger unification to speed up the battle against WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, but Google did not get the right game and did not succeed. Three years later, Hangouts development stopped at Google Allo startup, with less success than Hangouts and Google announced its closure this year.

Over the past two years Hangouts Almost no improvement has been made, Google has made mistakes and has made better operations, but at this time there are no significant developments. Google focused on Late Late Hangouts chat and find out about companies, and in the news Google Messages.


HangoutsIt changes depending on your device.

What's up with Hangouts marker?


The Future Future Hangouts bookmark It's a mystery. Hangouts using this Hangout plugin that lets you make phone calls with Hangouts Google voice rates Since 2015, it has not been updated. Google may charge this service so you can have your free contacts at your own time, with your voice rate or with applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram or Skype. Google should see what Google will do with the balance that must be called with the Hangout.

Hangouts Dialer - Calls

Hangouts Dialer – Calls0.1.100944346

Google Hangouts alternatives

Chat and Meet Hangouts

Hangouts chat

In Hangouts for chat and Hangouts They are the official heirs of Hangout, two separate applications: one to chat, or one to make group video calls. The second problem is only for G Suite companies. Individuals can not use this application.

Hangouts chat

Hangouts chat2018.11.09.221524476_prod

Google Messages

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Google's strongest bet is trying to master messenger Google Messages, the official Android app for messages (SMS / MMS) and chat (RCS) applications, and in the coming months significant developments are expected, such as joining our Google account and integration. Google Assistant.


postsIt changes depending on your device.

Google Duo

Google Duo

Video calling is a bet for individuals among Google Duo, but today only one person can be called. Perhaps, in the future, add group calls to fill the void left by Hangouts.

Google Duo: high quality video calls

Google Duo: high quality video calls43.0.222101433.DR43_RC20

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