Friday , March 31 2023

These are the dangers of a newborn's ears piercing


The Pediatric Academy warned the dangers of this traditional practice to put the rings on the girls

One of the most common habits of a native-born girl is to place it with rings, piercing her ears. However, the Pediatrics Academy has warned of the dangers of this practice, what they accept and others do not.

Some people think that they want to punch when they grow up, but when babies do not remember they cause pain. Other parents question their child's sex, no doubt about their baby's sex. For others, something is done for culture.

However, the Pediatrician American Academy recommends that you hang on the baby's ears, to avoid the risk of a part of the metal to neonatal. They can catch the clothes and bring them into your mouth can cause health problems.

Some parents have not waited a few days for earrings, but only a few hours ago when babies throw their tetanus, usually two months to live. This vaccine is also between 6 and 15 years old, and doctors recommend it after 3 rounds.

In other cases, the rings are golden and the necessary equipment for drilling is not only correct, but it must be sterilized. In the worst case, your daughter can undergo an infection and increase the chances of getting hepatitis.

Another complication is allergic reactions, which is why it can cause an infection through the metal used to make the perforation.

When deciding to make children rings, they are invaders?

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