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They believe that the occurrence of Hantavirus of Epaia has spread in a party


Hantavirus infection confirmed a third death sentence and a fourth patient who died yesterday night Similar to symptoms, the appearance of Epuyen's illness arose.

The Chubut village of 4,000 inhabitants has already given 15 songs Since November, in 1996, the first "occurrence" of the gravity of what he considered El Bolsón and Bariloche.

This time, there were twenty cases registered, ten dead.

The director of Esquel, Jorge Elías Chubuteko health system, said yesterday The epidemiological context is limited to Epuyen and, therefore, he organized "extreme security measures" in that neighborhood.

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It has been confirmed that the available evidence suggests that there is an infection among humans and that most infected people did not crush viruses, as preventive campaigns warn.

In the statements he made to the newspaper, Elijah only avoided the final conclusions and talked about the storytelling between people like "powerful hypothesis".

In the first case of the epinephrine, it was positive for the patient to "buy in a wild environment" symptomatically at the stage of the patient and the illness (fever and gastrointestinal discomfort) The birthday of a young woman was with a hundred other friends. There, apparently, other infections occurred.

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"It was the only documented occurrence of this type In the spring of 1996, in El Bolsón, for the first time, the scientific world was a particular contact between people "said Elias.

This time, in the case of Epuy, he completed a roundtable with biologists, infectologists and specialists from the Malbrán Institute, who worked on the reconstruction of previous activity and the patient's environment and determined The party in the Epuyen room may be the cause of the occurrence.

He also contributed other data that he suspects: "All rodents caught in the environments affected by infected patients were negative, so you can not talk to a rat."

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Up to now they have killed one song 61-year-old men, 14-year-old teenagers and 38 women, Employee of Epuyén hospital. Yesterday another 72 men were killed, a "suspect" case, whose assertion is subject to Malbran's analysis.

Three others are hospitalized Esquel, both of these breaths and a critical situation.

Elias said that it was celebrated on the 3rd of January on the day of the birthday, and, in spite of everything, the manifestation already highlights the peak. Although they do not reveal new cases.

He emphasized that 20 years ago, the death of Hantavirus reached from 50% to 60%, but nowadays the rate has fallen to 30%. "This is due to the high level of professional competence and health alertness, similar to that of other countries," he explained. Symptoms can cause a mixture with other pathologies before, but There are currently tight protocols. When the respiratory syndrome is suspected of Hantaz, the question is very accurate. He asks a person to detect and detect a shed, wood, mushrooms, or artichoke.

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Hospital care

The appearance of Epava's hantavirus caused concern at a national and national level, but Elías said "No overabundance" The responsibility of the responsibility of the epicenter of Esquel is to save the situation.

He points out that he is "in the line of support" between the hospital and the private clinic. There are 10 respiratory support groupsIt is a key tool to tackle illness. He also participates in the operation of El Bolsón hospital.

Elias stated that "the bibliography and what is behind is" that the current occurrence is "in the final phase". But he clarified that They keep the maximum alert "this is biomedicine and there are two and two four."

"Rodents caught in the environments that lived in were negative, you can not talk about a rat."

Jorge Elías, Chief Executive Officer of Chubuteko Esquel


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