Tuesday , January 25 2022

They detected some mysterious cosmic signs from an unknown galaxy


A new mystery continues by the astronomers. Canadian telescope has detected radio waves unknown galaxy. It was one of the points of attention of experts that one of them repeated in an unusual way.

According to an article published in the prestigious Nature magazine, mysterious radio waves, which last for milliseconds, range from the Milky Way to a remote place, 1,500 million light years.

However, still scientists they could not determine their nature or origin. Since last year, 13 styles have been exploded, known as FRB (fast radio stations in English).

But they have only been detected by repetitive signs until now, called FRB 121102. It was captured in 2012 and it was repeated 16 times. After a research, 3,000 million years ago they discovered a nano galaxy. This new wave, called FRB 180814.J0422 + 73, repeated six.

"There is another (sound event) that suggests there could be more"Ingrid Stairs, an astrophysicist at the University of British Columbia (UBC), has said they will be able to better understand" these cosmic riddles "and find out what their causes are.

This last discovery It happened on the Chime observatory, Okanagan Valley, British Columbia Canada. It has 100 meters long half-cylindrical four continents that fully scans the entire hemisphere in the sky every day.

As regards the second detection of repetitive signals, the researchers have similar characteristics to the first properties. "This means more recurrent properties," said Shriharsh Tendulkor at McGill University.

There are several versions of the original. It may be one a neutron star A very powerful magnetic field that rotates very quickly, perhaps the origin is the result Two neutral fusion stars. There are very few experts, it could be an artichoke chamber.

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