Tuesday , May 18 2021

They determine the day the sun becomes the last glass star

(ANSA) – The Sun It has a glaze future in our 10 million years star It strengthens its oldest "sisters", which develops oxygen and carbon nucleus to become a spherical crystal.

This phenomenon, predicted by scientists 50 years ago, was proved by Gaia satelite data collected by the European Framework Agency (ESA). The research published in the journal Nature published in Britain by scientists from Warwick University.

The study looked at the color and clarity of 15,000 white dwarfs, that is, the stars and the evolution of our Sun to the last phase have been burning all "fuels".

The stars, like the Sun, use hydrogen as fuel and get fuel in nuclear fusion for helium. Among the oldest universe objects of the universe, white dwarfs have a cyclical vision of life, to calculate exactly the age group of stars that are commonly used as "cosmic watches".

The observations obtained from the satellite theme show that the stars are developing heart-shaped oxygen and strong carbon. In fact, they crystallize their life, that is, in the transition phase of the water ice, but at higher temperatures. .

This phenomenon delayed cooling so that it could be potentially older than the hypothesis in the world of science so far. "All white dwarfs are crystallized sooner or later, in evolution, even before the massive process begins," explains the astrophysistist Pier Emmanuel Tremblay. "This means that our process of millions of white galaxies has already ended, and the essence is crystal spheres," he said.

And he concluded: "The sun has been carrying 10,000 million years to turn white crystals into nano".

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