Thursday , October 6 2022

They find a 10-minute "Holy Grail" that detects different types of minutes


A group of scientists from Queensland University (Australia) has developed a method to detect different types of cancer that lasts just 10 minutes, according to a study published this week by Nature Communications. .

The method is a liquid It has gold nanoparticlesHealthy and healthy cells adhere to DNA that adhere to cells, but the color of the solution is different in both cases. Gold nanoparticles gave pink light to the use of research. When adding healthy human tissue samples, the liquid receives a blue color, but maintains the presence of cancer cells.

This technique has proven Up to 90% accuracy 200 samples of breast, prostate or colon cancer, as well as lymphoma, performed by researchers at the University of Queensland.

"Without a doubt, we still do not know that it is a holy grail to diagnose cancerBut it is very interesting because the universal arch of cancer is very simple, because the complex laboratory equipment does not have a market and affordable technology, "said Professor Matt Trau.

"This is one of the main advantages of this technique very cheap and very easy For that, the clinic can be easily taken, "said Laura Carrascosa, author of the work, mentioned in The Guardian.

However, Carrasco has indicated that doctors should make additional and more detailed analyzes to patients. "It could be our technique a detection tool It is necessary to notify doctors of a cancer patient, but it requires testing with other methods Identify the type and stage of cancer"said Carrascosa.

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