Monday , October 18 2021

They found a body of a young man who was eliminated: they buried him half, covered lime, and amputated his hands.


A Héctor López (25) They sought it from Tuesday. Yesterday they found the cork: they were amputated by two hands, half buried and lime covered. He discovered about 1,000 meters of body, a vehicle found in the open space called "El Doradillo", outside of Puerto Madry.

"As stated in the beginning of the investigation, it is a cause of drug trafficking". The Prosecutor Silvana Salazar, who is doing research, explained at a press conference and again demanded that federal Justice take Rawson seat.

The discovery of the corpus made the testimony of identity residency "given to specific information on the location of the body," the Public Prosecutor reported.

Thus, along with police officers, an officer found his body, he was in an advanced state of decomposition and found lime.

On Wednesday they found him dead on Wednesday Nicolás Cerrudo (21) signs of hanging. 24 hours before Lopez disappeared. Cerrudus left a letter that declared a suicide and was preserved to the family. "This happens to play with fire," he said in the letter.

The prosecutor's office sent a letter to determine the authorship of the announcement by the letter that revealed the autopsy: Cerrus showed signs of torture in the genitals and could face a suspected torture session.

The story is not over: another disappears. Federico Lomenia is called 25 years old and has not happened anything since November 21.

Lopez, Cerrudo and Lomenia belonged to the same group, and usually went to Buenos Aires to look for clothing for Chubut.

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