Wednesday , February 1 2023

They have confirmed that the militant CTEP has fired on his back


CTEP mobilized yesterday to ask for help on Orellano death Credit: CTEP

Autographed by Rodolfo Orellana, who was shot dead in Ciudad Evita, La Matanza, was shot in the back by a 36-year-old Free Culture Organization (CTEP). Investigates justice at the port's port police or near the building 12, in areas known as the Italian district, crossing the Riccheri highway and near the belt's belt. .

He still could not recover the bullet that he had cleared the mystery and, according to the autopsy of the headphones, he shrugged his shoulders and went to his face to the face. In the study, two medical reports released yesterday, they talked about the wounds caused by a sharp element.

Through a communication, the CTEP headed by Juan Grabois has directed the Buenos Aires Police based on local data. But the text, as it was not offered in the previous hours, was more pronounced than the province's forces. THE NATION consulted Grabois without answering it.

Although the bullet was facing the concert, the security ministers of the province of Buenos Aires and Cristian Ritondo in Julio Conte Grand were not final. First of all, he stated that "considering all the hypotheses" and the penalties imposed by the latter were determined to be a uniformed officer in Orellana.

The police of Santiago Maldonado and Luis Chocobar (when Pablo Kukok's teenage son was killed), María Eugenia Vidal's civil servants and indirect incidents of state-owned and held complaints. Society is not striking.

"Although we do not confirm the mechanics of assassination of Orellana street, there are cross-border versions of the causes of death, the police in Buenos Aires confirmed that it was a wound in a statement, most of the witnesses were said to be a policeman. We believe that witnesses have trusted capabilities," said CTEP part of the Worker's Exclusion Movement page.

Yesterday, at the beginning, Conte Grand said that all the hypotheses were investigated, and the intervention of the Internal Affairs of the Police Department gave them the list of army officers who were not in charge of weapons, except police stations at nearby stations, where incidents began.

"In principle, all the troops that were in charge of firing and potential carts made rubber bullets, but when the situation was diverted, they began to reinforce their strengths and check their weapons," he says. Prosecutor's head

Ritondo maintained that line. "Two hypotheses [enfrentamiento entre bandas o represión policial] We will cooperate, in truth, because it is harmful to any province, "said the Security Minister at the press conference.

The video from Orellana's friends, or the desperate attempts to react, the audio of the 911 call also seems to resolve doubts.

In the video taped on the phone, the members of the Orellana team point out police (there are patrollers in the pictures). In the 911 call, and with the back sound that reflects on despair, a person says "two injured people" and speaks "trust".

Although La Platana avoids citing publicly, they believe the violent route will be less damaging than the police are using. However, this research was in charge of the prosecutor Jorge Yametti, with the Homicidio UFI of La Matanza.

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