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They have confirmed that the militant CTEP was killed on his back


He died in a land grab. The security minister of Buenos Aires, Cristian Ritondo, has said "if the police action is bad, it will be punished."

Rodolfo Orellana, a militant CTEP, shot at the back of the City Evita, the plot of the La Matanza party in Buenos Aires. On Friday, Buenos Aires, Julio Conte Grand, and Cristian Ritondo, security ministers confirmed.

Orellana, at the age of 36 years, is in the west of the 4th and Riccheri road, in the middle of the battle between the two sides. What was the security force involved?

"We have previously performed an autopsy, which transforms the weapon projectile into a scapula, a facial outlet at the nasal level", a prosecutor described in the interview with C5N.

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On Thursday, the Ministry of Security of Buenos Aires announced that the wound drawn from Orellana had occurred. According to a professional report on the hospital's body, the victim did not have a hole in the entrance or exit caused by a bullet. He pointed out that he had two wounds: one on the skin shoulder and one on his head, created by a sharp object.

The hypothetical manipulation of La Plata was that the fight between the two groups, Orellana, was being killed and this was the case in the morning.

However, after telling Conte Grand and Ritondo, according to the autopsy, the death was affected by Orellana.

The prosecutor added that it was still unable to determine what kind of attack was used "was not in the physical cavity of the project and the caliber would be difficult."

However, he said, the court that carries out the final autopsy draws a profile of a weapon called "the inner diameter of the inlet and outlet and the inside of the person's cavity".

Conte Grand also sent a list of the official police officers in the Buenos Aires provincial police station to protect local police and weapons, and the police stations at the police station began at least two patrols.

"In principle, it would be verified that all the troops that were in a position to guarantee the security of the shooter and fake bullets brought rubber bullets, but after the deflection of the situation they began to reinforce and verify these weapons." Conte Grand explained.

Meanwhile, Ritondo has said that if the province's police are to "punish" their responsibility for the death of Orellana.

The Minister recalled that the arrival of Orellana was reported to the hospital, the militant had a criminal offense, and then dismissed the prior outcome of the autopsy.

Ritondo has said that there are two assumptions: first of all, this bullet was confronting the conflicts between the usurpation and erosion of the two sectors that conflicted with, and the police action was bad. "We will work together on two hypotheses, in fact, because the deaths of the province of Buenos Aires are misfortunes."

After the crime, members of the social movement, human rights organizations and political leaders denounced the security forces and suspected police attacks.

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