Saturday , January 29 2022

They have expanded their collection of a mother's plan by Thelma Fardn


At the beginning of December, Thelma Fardn He denounced Juan Darths at the age of 16 for alleged violations. At that time, the lunch in Nicaragua was the turn of the Uganda duck. From now on, the social networks have echoed and opened a crack that each artist defended.

Many people accept it young interpreters, especially in the world of farndula. Remember that many celebrities who had left Darthen, when Calu Rivero denounced the persecution, demanded public apology that he would believe the singer, and therefore question his innocence.

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However, such The group El Cvico also admits Juan. Using Hashtag #YoLeCreoAdarthes, it is necessary to prove that the complainant conceals some things and illuminates certain political edges, "Ugly Duck".

The Facebook account of Mario Csar Thibault Molina, in her networks, when she learned about the mother of Thelma, Dora Isabel Caggiano, started working on November and started loading a social plan through Anses. from December 10th.

But more journalists went, in his mind, adding information about his father's time ThelmaJos Luis Fardin, in jail, raped his mother's sister. Although he does not specify everything, he publishes a talk with his close friend, which gives him information about a certain manipulation of justice until he confesses the artist.

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