Wednesday , September 28 2022

They have found a new method to reverse the baldness


A group of researchers led by a team of researchers New York University Medical School She has identified the signaling signals that prevent the growth of pregnancy-related hair. In this way, the GEN report allows the collection of drugs to recover the disease.

In the study, scientists activate the signal-like sound hedgehog (Shh) to communicate with each other.

Of course, this path is very active in the early stages of human growth in the uterus hair follicles They train, but adults stay healthy when they are injured.

"We recognize the activation of the Shh pathway to recover a dermal regeneration niche."dermal papilla& # 39 ;, this is necessary and sufficient for neo-colonial hair follicles (HFN), "the authors wrote in their work.

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"Our results show the stimulation of fibroblasts by activating the non-healing liver healing hormone-enriched encephalic tube," said the leading researcher, Mayumi Ito, Professor at the Center Dermatology Department Langone Health University of New York.

The researcher said that the work hopes to achieve its main goal, that is to say, adult skin will return its embryos, it can cause new hair follicles in the case of injured skin, but also left-footed by knee aging.

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