Wednesday , January 20 2021

They have guessed a heartbeat in the brain as a treatment for neurological disorders

Like illnesses epilepsy or parkinson's They get new treatments thanks to these latest developments. A new one neurostimulator At the University of California, Berkeley, an engineer from the United States, "listens and promotes electrical current in the brain at the same time" to offer new hope for neurological disorders.

The device is called stick, "brain beat"Control the electrical activity of the brain and provide electrical stimulation, if there is something wrong." The device describes an article published in the "National Biomedical Engineering".

WAND device chip main.
WAND device chip main.

How does this "brain pacemaker" work?

These devices can be very effective to prevent convulsions or debilitating seizures In patients with different neurological diseases. But electrical signals that occur before convulsion or trembling can be very subtle and the frequency and strength of electrical stimulation required to avoid them are also delicate. The physician may need years to make minor adjustments that provide the device with proper treatment.

WAND, which means "wireless neuromodulation device without artifacts"It is wireless and autonomous, which means that once you recognize signs of trembling or convulsion, you can adjust the stimulation parameters to prevent unwanted movements. Because the cycle is closed, it means that it is stimulated and recorded at the same time, these parameters are time consuming. it can be adjusted in real

"Process for finding a suitable patient therapy It is very expensive and can last for years. Significant reduction in cost and duration can lead to much better results and accessibility, "says Rikky Muller, a scientist, electrical engineering and computing professor at Berkeley.

"We want to find the device What is the best way of stimulation? A specific patient achieves the best results. And you just have to listen to and sign up for neural signatures, "they explained.

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