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They hurried to scare to scare, they exiled the ex and training they had done before suicide

Juan Cruz Chirino bets a 10-year-old boy with 16 steps, shot in a woman's face and warned by a boy's father. He called Barreda lawyer, and nine hours later he took life with a shot

"Here is the grass locked, everything is out there (sic), a cockpit, I got a string, I was a bit sneaky in the morning, and I did not say anymore."

Thus, in a WhatsApp chat with spelling mistakes, he wanted to justify Juan Cruz Chirino (27) for his brother in fear of leaving his partner's house in Tolosa. A little while before, his 10-year-old husband and his wife wagged and, after firing on his face, he spent nine hours measuring the amount of punishment.

"How much is my bet, eternal?" He asked his brother, who advised him strictly, "surrendered." But he emphasized: "25 years old?" It will not be. In the afternoon, after 4 hours, Chirino was 9 hours after the war, negotiating with a Falcon Group expert. A few minutes later, when they got out, they took their heads off. He died on the way to the San Martin hospital.

The children's mother, Soledad Andrea Marcos (32) and David Peñalba (32), both are included. Both are in danger and in shock.

The police report establishes it at 7 in the afternoon from the beginning of the case, although those who know the protagonists know very well, the years of a "sick and violent" relationship have fallen, which the Court of Justice has already intervened. La Plata (page 15). Chirino was forbidden for 30 days to go to Soledad and his family, but the complaint was not renewed and he made contact with them. Chirino and Marcos had three children. When they joined together, he lived with Ciro Matías Peñalba, a 10-year-old woman with David Peñalba and mother of Alicia Coradellus, 116, 529, and 530.

Relatives of the family showed that they were in a couple crisis, but it was not new, but the soldiers, Juan Cruz, on Monday night, a soldier convinced him that this was a terminal.

At night, he did not sleep. Shortly afterwards, yesterday, he was broken 6 times, his grandfather and his father, 32 trousers and a long Colt ripper. According to the reconstruction that the researcher could do, Chirino threatened the death of the soldier and Ciro went into the ramp. Alicia was able to save another three boys and she went to the home of a neighbor who opened the door and sheltered them. Soledad, meanwhile, locked her with her bathroom on her mobile phone, called Ramiro's brother 911 and pressed the neighbor's alarm (see page 17).

"I left because they killed the dead son," said Chirino Marcos, who was expecting lies.

At that time, sources said that he was trying to make the man kill himself on his face, but the projections had the right jaw on the right, he could escape from the street. He was at 7 in the morning. And the policemen began to arrive at the scene.

Soledad was taken to San Martín Hospital. He underwent medical discharge, although he still awaits psychological evaluation. Ramiro, the girl's brother, first came home and saw her nephew's body, dressed in pajamas and a knit stuck in her chest.

At that moment, the killer would have a bathroom, heard the movements heard on the other side of the door. Police Police Sixth Police, Juan Menucci and his boss, told reporters that the passage was still underway, because they were attacking. DDI and Science, the Falcon Group police disappeared.

But the drama was replicated, more than just the fence, and above 115 and 530 and 117 and 529. At 7.30 in the morning, Ciro frightened 521 and 140 incidents. To reach Tolosa, after receiving a message from Chirino, he killed his baby (see page 16).

"He was sure that Solal recovered his relationship with Peñalba," said one researcher, and if this is not known, it is true that it does not matter to what happened.

Meanwhile, in three rooms, Chirino talked to WhatsApp with his brother and other acquaintances, especially concerned about his future. The same concern asked Ricardo Barreda's defense attorney, Eduardo Gutiérrez, to go to a lawyer's son. The professional in the federal capital decided to travel to La Plata for the interview and convinced Halcones that the negotiator had surrendered to Chirino.

"This guy sent me to the boy next to me. In bed," he wrote to his brothers, he asked the baby: "Nothing, a magician," he replied.

During 9 hours of office, the young man did not ask for anything or the police removed Ciro's body. At 4 o'clock in the afternoon, the Falcon Group police ran out of Bang Bang extraction grenades after hearing "the detonation of fire," according to the official version, and they found it with a bullet in Chirino when they entered the right parietal room. An ambulance was taken to a Gonnet hospital, but the relatives of Peñalba (injured by crash) were there. Chirino died on the way to San Martin. With him, the criminal action was turned off.


stabs Ciro's body medical suitors have been found, a crook-shaped knife placed in the thorax and in various defenses. The autopsy was also performed on the body of Juan Cruz Chirino yesterday. Hilda shot at the parietal right.

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