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They install the first electric car charger in the country for free – 18/12/2014


Oil company Axion Install first loading points electric cars In Argentina, after the alliance with the company Enel X. to supply electric chargers at its service stations.

The station is located in the corner of Del Libertador and Salguero Avenue, in the neighborhood of Buenos Aires PalermoIt has the first one of the chargers that will start installing in the service station network.

Freeze Axion electric car charger

Freeze Axion electric car charger

du totem Electric power, what gives 22kw charging and measures approximately 1.20 meters in height and 30 centimeters in width. Its operation is used by the oil company Renault Kangoo ZE, the only electric vehicle currently in the country.

The charging station will be available for all vehicles that want to supply electricity, which can be done for free, at least.

"Argentina needs a network charging station to respond to future demand for consumer electric vehicles," said Marcelo Figueroa, Executive Director of Axion Business Development.

Chargers are for public use and are free.

Chargers are for public use and are free.

Remember that YPF installed different charging points at some service stations for service stations, but they were still not ready for use.

Apart from Kangoo ZE, the other model connected to the network sold in the country is: Mercedes-Benz GLC 350e, a hybrid plug-in: a battery that provides a particular autonomy with a naphter engine, electric battery and a single electric battery.

They were advertised advertisements to reach our market Nissan LeafThey will have a preordain from January Chevrolet Bolt EV, which has not yet confirmed the arrival date.

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