Wednesday , July 28 2021

They killed a militant Ctep

In a conference, the CTEP's references were reported to the police yesterday Credit: CTEP

It was an attempt to get land; The group led by Grabois accused the Buenos Aires police; The Ministry of Security fought internally

In the attempt to participate in the land party


The 36-year-old Rodolfo "Ronald" Orellana, the military PLO-CTEP died yesterday, at dawn

Juan Grabois


The social organization denounced the repression of police and the Portuguese government fought internationally. The Buenos Aires Security Minister,

Cristian Ritondo

I expected the autopsy last night and I was persuaded in the fight against social organization. But CTEP and then, Grabois, reported that a bullet was killed by an attack on the police.

Next to Ritondo, during the battle between antagonistic groups of usurpers, there was a "hoot". "For us, the police did not kill him, they were a struggle between them, we would wait for the opinion of the autopsy and science sciences," said a great official source. "There are some strange things in the hospital, some have found some versions, some weapons, and others with a clever weapon," they added.

With his Twitter account, Grabois said in the morning: "Rodolfo Orellana, PLO-CTEP, the police fired on a Celina conflict, people are desperate in the country, without work, without roofs, they can not rent and eat at the same time, the government cruelty it increases it ".

Orellana, victim
Orellana, victim Credit: Twitter

Then, in the afternoon, in a press conference, Pablo Puebla, a reference from the PLO, said that it was about an hour in the morning that "it was rumored to occupy land".

"The majority of the family rent a part of the neighborhood four to four, depending on what is produced according to the lease: if you are a good worker or if you work well with the textile theme, you will be charged. In a way, this great injustice is alive," said the chief of society . Afterwards, they noticed that both patrols had their place. "If they enter, they will be a war, if they want to war, they will have a war," Puebla said, the soldiers heard the threats.

"We have arrested four neighbors, these include Villa Celina Sol y Tierra Hostel, one of them is in breastfeeding," Puebla said, and reported that they went to police officers in four suburbs.

There was an incident between six in the morning, in a residence located on the Route 4 and Riccheri road, rising from the bridge 12 of Villa Celina. In the midst of the crossings, Orellana arrived at the dead Alberto Balestrini hospital in La Matanza.

According to the Confederation of Personnel of the People's Economy (CTEP), Orellana was shot in the back when the police of Buenos Aires were expelled in the storms.

So many sources of government have said that "the medical report states that in the stomach plaque, the thorax and skulls are not seen as a projected accommodation. [Orellana] It has a scapular entrance hole, the product of a sharp element, although this was not necessarily the cause of death. In addition, he has an injured punch in his head. "The 911 calls were also reported that the incident was reported" not involving the police. "The judicial sources indicated that LA NACION had not yet made such information available. The final report of the autopsy." We must wait to reveal the causes of death, "they said.

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