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They offer $ 100,000 a year to live without a mobile phone


December 15, 2016

This event was created by a US company that sells vitamins.

They offer $ 100,000 a year to live without a mobile phone

Proposed unprecedented promotion action brand "Vitaminwater" Rewards $ 100,000 for 365 daytime mobile phone disconnected mobile phones.

In order to participate, the interested parties must send a publication created in social networks Twitter or Instagram with hashtags #nophoneforayear and #contest and describe it in original manner what would you do "Googling" All year round on your mobile phone.

The call will be open on January 8, 2019 and will be handed over to US citizens.

Marketing department "Vitaminwater" He will select the proposal that follows the proposed rules and, at the same time, the original, January 22, 2019.

The selected participant will not be able to use smartphones or tablets smart. You can access laptops or desktops and voice mail Google Home or Amazon Echo.

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Note that the participant may have a mobile phone to communicate, but with a model that allows you to call and send text messages.

The target of the selected person is to complete a 365 day contract, without using smartphones or social networks, as 100,000 top prizes.

If you do not meet the deadline and only manage it for six months, you will receive less than $ 10,000.

The company's director, Natalia Suárez The contestants announced a methodology to verify compliance with the rules of the game. "It will depend on a lie detection test"She guaranteed the woman.

"We do not think anything boring in the phone is more careless than looking at it – that's where the routine is going to go against and give someone a $ 100,000 exceptionally amazing."he argued Suarez.

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