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They recommend cleaning the cell phone frequently to prevent illness

The telephone is perhaps one of the most indispensable objects of this century; However, this is also a great carrier of diseases.

According to the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), The mobile or smartphone we use may contain up to 18 times more bacteria and germs than those with a toilet. This is how the Televisa news was featured on its website.

According to a statement from the institute, this is because the cell phones are lukewarm and allow the reproduction of bacteria that can later be passed to the owner. For example, if when you eat the phone you check, these bacteria can travel from the cell phone to the food.

Brenda Ramírez Vega, assistant coordinator of Public Health of the Social Security in Chihuahua, emphasized the resistance that people demonstrate for using public baths but "carry the cell phone everywhere, touching it with their hands and face, regardless of whether these Devices accumulate many bacteria. "

Some organisms that can be found regularly in these artifacts are: E. Coli, el streptococcus, the staphylococcus and difteroids.

The solution, says the specialist, is to take care of the hygiene. This includes washing your hands as often as necessary and disinfecting the outside of the cell phone with a damp cloth or cotton with alcohol.

Likewise, it advises to wash and change the phone's accessories, such as the screen saver or the covers that protect it.

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