Wednesday , October 20 2021

They sink in the city and live in the seven provinces


Early morning They dilute in a large part of the city and in a large part of the country, While rain and storms are storming, in the south-east, central and north provinces of Buenos Aires, in the south of Córdoba, in Entre Ríos, in the northeast of La Pampa, in eastern Mendoza, in central San Luis, and in the south. Santa Fe There is a dead man due to the storm: The tree fell into a house in La Plata, bursting the roof and killing one man, sleeping in a low-house house located in 532, aged 15 to 16. TN Rodrigo Páez local subcontractor for risk management. Storms last at least 8.

There is one too warning of strong winds The central and southern provinces of Buenos Aires, central and eastern Catamarca, northwestern, central and south of Cordoba, La Pampa, central and eastern La Rioja, center and eastern Mendoza, center and east of San Juan, San Luis.

The vivid rain creates a lot of complications in the city and surrounding areas. The quote is suspended in the pool, the service is stopped in line C line and Line B formations do not stop at the Callao station, towards Alem. In the case of the Buenos Aires-La Plata motorway, we suggest avoiding flooding.

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