Friday , February 3 2023

They will discover an unknown region in the human brain


So far we had no brain area. The Australian neuroscientist George Paxinos has said that Science Alert has been reported. Experts and their team are developing a new anatomical atlas of the brain.

Scientists have been designated as an area "Endo-Restiform Nucleus"because it is inside the peduncular spinal cord (endo), which is also called the whole body. Participates in the area reception sensory informationand the engine balance and body movements.

Neuroscience has created a brain structure technical tone brain It is quite new to illustrate brain tissue images to the full extent of their latest work neuroanatoma atlas. This technique helps to distinguish neuronal groups depending on its function, contrasting with the traditional way that separates them from the appearance of cells.

Paxinos, who has written 52 books on the brain map, plans to continue using this new tuning technique to look for the brain More parts and how they work.

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