Sunday , May 9 2021

This new application will allow you to consult any sexually transmitted disease

The STD Traige technology that launched the & # 39; application & # 39; It's called a name.

The technological advances are not limited. Every day they are more astonished at what science they can achieve. From an application and robot emotions are not only in two different places, but also through virtual reality.

In terms of medicine, it is an important and profitable technology. At this time, an innovative and easy-to-use application called STD Triage makes it easy for users to have sexually transmitted infections.

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The result of the STD Triage image

You can evaluate your health in a very simple way on your mobile. Install the first application, open it and send your questions. STD Triage has specialists who help you diagnose your sexually transmitted illness.

Then you should send a picture showing anomaly seen on the skin or genitals. For example, warts or beehives that produce itching.

Then the app will ask you to describe the symptoms, your gender, age, city, country, and disease. Fortunately, it will not be your name, because everything is completely anonymous.

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The result of the STD Triage image

While STD Triage is a great choice for your health care, it will never replace your facial medical care. We inform you that if you are using this new invention of science, do not hesitate to confirm with the specialist.

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