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This photographer captured the dragon on the Iparraldeko lights in Iceland

The nature that we published yesterday showed us Ted Chin's fire pictures in the Yosemite National Park. Such things, however, can be planned. You never guarantee to see what happened to Ted, but you have a fair idea of ​​what will appear.

This, however, is something completely random, you can never invent, nor in the savages of your dreams. The photographer Jingyi Zhang was in Iceland earlier this month and they actually got the image of a dragon to show Ipar Lights in more than just Iceland.

Of course, is there a direction and direction to see the Iparralde lights, but to get the best solution?

This is really definitely shot. And it's especially astonishing that NASA's sunlight does not appear to be sunroof until it's on February, because the auroral traces make it strange.

He spoke with DIYP Jingyi, who tells us that the image was shot in Iceland earlier this month, with Canon 5D Mark IV, with Sigma 14mm f / 1.8 Art lens. And even though the lens is almost open in f / 2.0, and is higher than ISO12800, it took a shot of about two seconds. And that figure standing up on the ground? This is the photographer's mother, seeing what was going on in the sky.

Speak at the right time at the right place.

Have you noticed that the dragon knows little? Do not you know? How now?

I like Jingy, definitely, got a great victory with this photo!

Photo copyright is used by Jingyi Zhang and permission.

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