Friday , August 19 2022

"This program …", Mirtha Legrand, Andy Kusnetzoff, pulled out the "stick"


Mirtha LegrandAs every weekend, I returned to the vengeance against the war on Saturday night. Program production Diva The interruption between games between River and Boca occurred to make a clear difference with its competitors, Andy Kusnetzoff for a new audience.

The last hour of this last word was a national and world scandal, which was the superclassic one of the previous ones, where Boca players traveled around the block of the anti-bus stadium. I had a great sporting event that I wanted to live with. This was the attention monopolized in the media and social networks.

We keep the world in front of me, it embarrasses me, it's people who were not too disgusting. There were children, they could not leave the stadium, go to the bathroom and the bathroom did not work or saturated, embarrassment, Chiqui A few meters away from the monuments about unfortunate and disagreeable events, and added: it was a terrible violence, horror, cruel, cruel, unexpected again to repeat

Everyone is surprised Diva I started a suggestion against Andy Kusnetzoff. I'm happy, I'll talk about everything that happened in the city of Buenos Aires, because this program comes straight out.

What does Mirtha mean with this phrase? Referring to PH, we can talk about the Andy Telefe cycle, a recorded program, unlike yours, Mirtha's night. What time is it exactly? In ten minutes more than ten, the Argentine television legend was added. Once again, the CQC exits the competition Legrand, which won Saturday Saturday.

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