Monday , October 3 2022

This scanner offers 3D body pictures!


At the University of California (Davis) and United Imaging Healthcare, a 10-year-old work based in Shanghai, they presented first-handed medical scanners.

The images that you can take nowadays are almost 40 times faster than those that can be taken today with traditional axial tomography. This new tool can extract whole body images in 3D only in 1 scan.

EXPLORER combines PET tomography (Positron Emission Tomography) with X-ray tomography (CT), and according to creators, they will have many applications, which will improve the system.

Likewise, EXPLORER undertakes to undertake a new type of diagnosis, for example, when analyzing the blood flow measurement glucose, in order to measure it in real time over the body. And despite the lack of testing and checking, Cherry, an assistant scientist, thinks they are much longer than those types of machines that do not buy hospitals around the world.

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