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This woman says that GPS is a Google MapS voice

30 December 2018 – 1:31 p.m.
Colombian friends shot it and talked with the same voice as Google Maps GPS and were viral. Will it be real or imitative?

The video video starts: "Hi, I'm your Google Assistant, turn right in 50 meters." The voice is unmistakable. Is the map navigation system? In movies, you watch a girl that shoots her friends and is called "the voice of the GPS". In the middle of rumors, many YouTube accounts have uploaded a video called "Meet the girl that makes the voice of Google Maps in Spanish", but most have been deleted.

In the video, only in 30 seconds, we hear women like Google's GPS listening, but with some bad words. The Virgin does not reveal the woman's name, but in Medellin, according to Colombian statements. It also has thousands of copies, and many ask if it really is.

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