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Thus, the "brains" of the most powerful Argentine Argentinean computers are working – 12/13/2013

As every year, Intel and AMD, the two most important manufacturers of computer processors for consumers, to upgrade the chip line to improve productivity tools, applications and video games. Although the models are a little more robust and powerful, designed for enthusiastic or corporate segments, we are working on this review Analyze two of the strongest ignition consumerss, Intel Core i9-9900K (ninth generation) and AMD Ryzen 2700X, available in the Argentine market.

Joint CPUs

Although there are some improvements that have been made to the processors over time, the use of new technologies and technologies (USB 3.1, faster network connections, new creation cards and peripheral support speeds), energy consumption and temperature. For this reason, Intel and AMD work annually to produce CPUs with a smaller manufacturing process, achieving less chilling and less energy-saving chips.

With regard to design, i9-9900K and Ryzen 2700X are just like the eye. However, as shown in the photo, the Intel chip does not place contact pins in its body, as it is placed on the sockets of the motherboard when the CPU is placed. In the technical part, Core i9 was manufactured in 14 nm and had 8 physical traffic, 16 threads, 3.6GHz base and turbocharged 5.0GHZ speed, 95W (TDP) consumption. By default, Ryzen is 2700X 12 nm, 8 physical wiring and 16 wired processing threads, 3.7 GHz and turbo at 4.3 GHz, with TDP 105 W.

Component for Gamers

It's easy to use these two processors. Most importantly, having a cabinet for storing all hardware, at least 500w real (if it's possible to have 80 Plus certificates) and, of course, a hard disk or SSD (solid state) for storing content and operating systems, these plates and compatible with RAM DDR4 (3000 MHz- We recommend that you perform better. In Intel CPU, the compatible motherboard model Z390 and the AMD chip X470.

Processors AMD Ryzen 2700X (right) vs. Core i9-9900K.

Processors AMD Ryzen 2700X (right) vs. Core i9-9900K.

It is important to mention the hardware used for high-end testing, single chips require powerful components to take advantage of technology. Intel CPU powered device We mounted a MSI Z390 Gaming EDGE AC device, 16 GB DDR4 RAM HyperX Savage 3000 MHz, solid state Fury RGB 480 GB (we installed here Windows 10 Pro), Seagate IronWolf 10 TB hard drive (games and applications) and Cooling Corsair H100i Pro. With the same configuration using the AMD chip, in this case the selected plates were ASRock Taichi X470. The tables used on both computers were GeForce RTX 2080 Ti and 11 GB video memory.

Leisure entertainment

A computer with these features, even 3D rendering, graphic design, among other things, is very powerful, Everything new is designed, in most possible configurations. That is, you can choose 4K resolution, lights, shadows and reflections in greater detail, without losing the great fluidity and performance of the game movement.

Both Core i9-9900K and Ryzen 7 2700X provide a similar behavior in the game, combined with a mid-to-high-end graphics card, you can live up to 60 frames per second in order to play it. . It's true Intel CPU, in some cases, is slightly faster than the AMD, the price is bigger, so that the chances of each chip have the same taste and pockets. That is, AMD CPU is a very attractive and at the same time economic option.

Battlefield V. The first person action game was tested in 4K resolution, ultra-graphics (without DRX technology enabled) and showed 82 frames per second with Intel Core i9-9000K.

Battlefield V. The first person action game was tested in 4K resolution, ultra-graphics (without DRX technology enabled) and showed 82 frames per second with Intel Core i9-9000K.

Testing done bugle, Intel Core i9-9000K, assisted with the RTX 2080 Ti video card (fastest and most expensive on the market), run the game Battlefield V 4K resolution, ultra-graphic (without DRX technology enabled) 82 frames per second (FPS) speed. On the other hand, Ryzen 7 2700X had the same game, with the same configuration, at 74 FPS. When DRX (when activating NVIDIA's new RTX graphics and the technological monitoring of the lights and, for now, Battlefield V), the performance has fallen to 36 FPS with i9 and 29 FPS with Ryzen 7.

others games that require less demands as Fortnite, for example, they worked flamantly with the two processors. In the case of Intel i9 and RTX 2080 Ti, Battle Royal was known for its Full HD resolution and Ultra graphics, at 200 FPS; Along with Ryzen 7, he worked on 195 FPS in the same configuration. Like AAA games Tomb Raider's shadowIt was a similar situation, but this time it was the winner of the AMD processor. In the most configuration, but in the Full HD resolution, this game worked on 132 FPS, while i9-9900 went to 125FPS. In both cases, they are images that are not seen by mere eyes.

Limits to overcome graphics

With these two beast processors and the new NVIDIA graphics card, one of the world's largest monitors, curved, ultra-wide screen, was used to dive into the visual experience. We are talking about the Samsung CHG90 QLED 49 ", which is useful in Argentina, a huge machine that is presented in the Consumer Show 2019 (CES), which will be presented by the LG, to be a new trend in the screens.

With a monitor with 3840×1080 resolution images, the video game environment is wider (for example, in FIFA, you can see both fields), Core i9-9900K processors and RTX 2080 Ti FIFA 19 Speed ​​120 FPS, Ryzen 7 2700X game reached 140 FPS Meanwhile. In the shadow of Tomb Raider, with the same resolution and high quality (the environment seems impressive), Core i9 achieved 93 FPS while Ryzen 7 achieved 90 FPS.

Which one should you choose?

As we have said, everything depends on the taste and the economic usefulness. For example, Intel Core i9-9900 is available in the country, approximately AR $ 29,000. It is a CPU that helps with a good video card, increases any game and works at high temperatures between 60 and 70 ° (it does not make cooler ones, it needs to buy an external cooling) and it is very efficient to render these people and perform video editing tasks those who want to.

In this sense, Ryzen 7 has fewer tasks, although Intel is a bit cheaper, it's gotten AR $ 20,000 in Argentina, and includes a cooler, cooler factory with temperatures ranging from 50 to 70º.

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