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Thus the universe was created: the formation of the planet is a "missing link"

January 30, 2019

It has a radius of 1.3 km. Japanese scientists announced yesterday in Nature Astronomy. Object is the object from the Earth found.

The Solar System begins to spread its mysteries. January 1st Nasa New Horizonshe flew Last Thule and since then, the North American space organization has attracted many images in this body, the most remote and primitive found by humans.

No atmosphere in the body belt Kuiper this formation is left Solar system and is the main topic to learn about the origin and evolution of the planet's system of research.

Last Thule a few years ago 4,500 million Years and more Pluto 1 million kilometers. Indeed, their distance is very difficult to analyze, because of their size, because these bodies are completely fragile and difficult.

This is Bennu, the "asteroid death" could hit the Earth

However, a Japanese astronomer group overcame this fence and invented a low-cost system with asteroid exploration: they could investigate two amateur telescopes, along with two commercial cameras. A terrace on a public-located center on the island Miyako, Okinawa, more than 2000 stars Between June 2016 and August 2017, with the aim of identifying shields.

The work gathered images for 60 hours 50 terabyte raw data Its study was the first object to be found outside of Pluto, a radius of 1.3 km in width, and it was two times more valuable in size and distance.

By periodical specialist magazine Nature AstronomyJapanese astronomers started a project called oasiak, a high-speed photometer and a wide-range telescope low cost telescope system that could be used to detect stellar looks.

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