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Tik Tok, the app that is rage and can end up with Facebook

TikTok It's a short videos app of no more than 15 seconds that has been considered the strongest rival Facebook and which was downloaded more than 71 million times so alone in January. It is a platform where users upload videos of very short ones making lip sync of songs available in the app, sketches of comedy, or some grace accompanied by the sound effects available.

There is the possibility of collaborating with other users and doing duets when responding with a video. But how does this news arise?

How is TikTok coming up?

Certainly not the first app of short videos and much less of music videos; In fact its origin is, a platform launched in 2014 in which users can upload videos of them singing. In 2017, it was bought by ByteDance, a Chinese company that had launched TikTok and so all the accounts of migrated to its platform.

Chinese origin TikTok, which in China is called Douyin, is the first application that competes face to face with Facebook and that is not native to Silicon Valley. Zhang Yiming, founder of ByteDance, is a native of Beijing and is not the only app that he has in his company.

In China, Jinri Toutiao, a news aggregator who uses artificial intelligence to recommend entries to his users, has Jinri Toutiao.

Why should Facebook fear you?

In mid-2018, everyone talked about TikTok. It was the first app in years to overcome the historical downloads of YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Facebook Messenger downloads. So only in the first quarter, I managed to add 45.8 million new users. Now, a new report by the Sensor Tower analysis company says that only in January, more than 71 million people downloaded the Chinese app and it is already in the top three of the most popular.

TikTok took what made Vin a few years ago to appeal to the creation of content by younger users and apparently the strategy is working, as more and more teens prefer to spend time on Facebook.

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