Friday , July 1 2022

Tinelli arrived completely in River vs. Boca


Marcelo TinelliM, vice-president of San Lorenzo, on Wednesday, about the incident that happened through its social networks, coincided with the Boca micro-campus and the campus at the monumental stadium, while Pablo Pérez again approached the clinic.

Cyclone leader again allowed the midfielder, as he did last weekend, and said through his Twitter account after the ofthings of the ophthalmologist and show solidarity with the Xeneize team.

"Pablo Pérez again at the clinic, when someone thinks about God". If they took a look, nobody took any charge. "We stayed with Estadioparamon and they were still rocky." Boca campus has been attacked by savages, "he said. Tinelli.

However, the Xeneize steering wheel said on Monday at the exit of the Otamendi sanatorium. "I can not go to court to kill." Once again a review was made in the left eye, because the projects were injured by the traces of a broken glass.

"The stones, the bottles were thrown out, the people gathered in one place, nobody wanted me in a few minutes, it was a constant break from the glass, it was not far from the entrance of the stadium, quite closed." He finished Captain Boca.


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