Wednesday , May 18 2022

Tino Costa, the protagonist of the surgery: "The goal is salvation"


San Martn He won the historic victory in the classic Tucumán, winning 3 and 2 Athletic, With the Argentinian Super League match, according to Ricardo Zielinski's measure. The advantage of both goals, however, was to take the place of the visitor and take it to the Ciudadela party.

And the night heroine "Tino" Costa was the third goal in the minute 30: "It's a wonderful game, we have won a great game in a very difficult field, this group shows its face, the goal is salvation, both of them have come together with different realities, but we did win and we did.".

After overcoming spectacular victory, he got three points for the first time in the drop-off zone for 14 days: "We are looking for it, our goal is, we have been fighting all year long, but to achieve a goal, a classic, in this match expected in the First Provincial, and I was the victory D, I'm happy and happy".

The joy of the 33-year-old midfielder was also a drafting of Argentinian football: "In San Lorenzo, they did not give me a chance, and they give me confidence, and when a player is confident, he changes himself and I think he is doing well, I want to thank a lot of people, my mistress. My son and my friends, I show what I play in Argentine football ".

"I was happy because without violence, it was a classic and incredible victory, and the historic one helped me! San MartÃn", post, a few hours later, a figure from the rising Walter Coyette group still could not hide her happiness.

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