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To learn innovation, you must first unlearn – 11/25/2018


Located in Silicon Valley, sponsored by Google and NASA, Uniqueness of the University It became a mechanism of mechanics and an innovation mechanism. One of Kyle Hermans was in Buenos Aires during the Next BA cycle organized by HSBC for his client companies and he spoke. economic What does it mean to renew?

"I do not see innovation as a process, but it is a product, and I see creativity and exploration as a process, but real innovation is a problem or need for consumers or the marketplace, or ordinary people. Companies that innovate companies do not have a relationship with their customers, they are not really innovative. "said Hermans.

– Is it easier for companies to become younger?

-And large companies looking for big changes and trying to bring "fresh" thinking. To do this, they must observe the outside world, and then take these ideas into the business. Many times there is no time to create ideas for large companies. They are very focused on the processes. Younger people have the freedom to move faster, to freer experimenting. But what we perceive is less process in processes. They need help in the processes, in the process of operation, even if they are good ideas … So there is an interesting balance. They would say big companies: how do I start up? I think what they really want is to shake the way they create and create, to integrate the process that is very proven. Large companies know how to distribute, manufacture, and produce how to organize the supply chain. Young people still have not. But the ideas are good.

-Many companies organize innovation awards and competitions (both internal and external). Is it a good strategy?

-Yes, this is a way of doing it. One thing organizations lose their incentives and prizes that employees get through innovation strategies business Generally, workers are offset by benefits or results. It's not often that it tries to reward, though it does not work. In this way, the company's changes are a good motivation system. Sometimes the company does not seem to have any culture, and says: please, believe or renew, when you go against the company's culture. If culture does not keep that thoughts and being, then it does not work.

-What is the key to accessing innovation as a strategy?

-But the main thing is learn and de-list. Changes will always find resistance inside and culture will not move fast enough. In general, we learn new things about older things, but we do not care about eliminating old things anymore. We can do space, which is part of "unlearning." What is the new idea for companies? They have learning agencies, but not "appearances". Often, heritage becomes what it defines.

-What do you want to free something?

-It's practical. Something that you think is changing. It's a perception change. Companies that do not change will not last.

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