Saturday , January 29 2022

To pass the market pumps: "Flea" Rodríguez has left Atlético Tucuman with another Super League club and memes exploded


The passport pump has been delivered by Atletico TucumánBut to announce an elite reinforcement, but to communicate The agreement principle for the sale of idols and symbols organization: Luis Miguel Rodríguez It will be a new player in Columbus Santa Fe

"Flea" says goodbye to "Dean", where he left the stamp of the two stages of the club (2005-2010 and 2011-2018) 34 years old It will play a new challenge for "Sabalero", directed by Julio Comesaña and the Copa Sudamericana.

The historical advance of Tucuman, Second historic victory with 130 goals from the club (Coya Michele exceeds 209), spoke and on Tuesday, a medical examination will be carried out in Colón, which will sign the contract for two years and a half to buy a passport.

A few days ago, Luis Miguel Rodríguez jumped to politics and joined the Justicialist Party Tucuman. In the coming days, before the 2019 elections, he will be presented at the presentation of his candidate to be a provincial legislator.

"Flea" Rodriguez shot a political career with his partner Guillermo Acostawho The strengthening of Lanus became three seasons.

News, posted Twitter Through the website "Dean" He was surprised, too, that many fans did not hide the rage with leadership. Although, many users joked with the progress story classical memes.

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