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Today, UniCABA will be accepted: the key to understanding the project 5


After years of claiming and modifying, UniCABA is currently under construction. With the automatic majority granted by 34 legislators, The Government aspect will legally become the project of the teaching of the University of Buenos Aires.

Acceptance is expected, the climate will arrive in the middle of an enemy. Yesterday, the Portuguese district is fenced. What is in the area, teachers have to wait a week and during the vote, third-year students, secondary teachers and unions will meet a protest, they held a jail on Thursday.

Last Friday was in front of today's session. In the fight, floods and attacks, the lawmaker Vamos Juntos signed an opinion to discuss the project. To waive a large part of the educational community, it will be added to the oppositionHe will hold a bi-annual session every two years for UniCABA's treatment to discuss other educational projects, but he will not get a quorum.

Soledad Acuña, the Minister of Education of Buenos Aires, has not made a final decision. "I do not want to be generalized, it's the voice of those who say what we hear here and say joyfully. I do not persuade the educational community to disrupt it. In the private area, many students and teachers express their support for the project but do not feel in a place where they can express themselves. The attitude of thought is almost authoritarian, "he said Infobae.

The initial project, which was presented on November 22, 2017, was again formulated. In September of this year, the Portuguese government called the "Educational education system and the creation of the University of the Cities of Buenos Aires" law of education.

The first project was to propose the automatic dissolution of the 29 state schools and the transfer to the university. The second version changed the point, the most controversial: Today it envisages the coexistence between new tertiary and UniCABA.

However, a large part of the educational community is excluded. "The second project makes death more coexistence, the financing and control systems of a country that appears as a visor ", reads a statement signed by the CESGE team of the management team.

With the approval of the law, the Ministry of Education of Buenos Aires will be the regulator of the training offer for teachers. It will promote the institutional assessment of each faculty and promote its own assessment. To that end, officials will review and adapt the career offer according to the needs observed in the classroom, "always guaranteeing continuous monitoring of the students," depending on the project.

Professor Maximiliano Ferraro, Vamos Juntos and the president of the Education Committee, said: "It is not a matter of closing the institutes. The evaluation will provide a proposal for improvement plan between the Ministry and the teachers.. It's a fun thing when we talk about the assessment, assuming it's going to be bad. And if they give good? "

Although this assessment is distrustful, they must provide information. Otherwise, it will be warned that they will suffer fines. They will be complemented with the University, complementary cycles, student exchange and promotion of research.

2) Ensure better teachers?

There are a few words, but it's the center of the theme. It seems obvious, it is linked to university teachers with a better teaching, most academics question. The debate emphasized that there is insufficient research to ensure that there is no third-degree level that guarantees university systems to a better university professor.

In this sense, Acuña said: "There are no results of teacher evaluations, but if you measure what happens in the classroom, there is a strong reality. All PISA countries in the 10 places have university education. In Argentina, La Pampa is one of the best provinces, most of them are university students. I'm not saying better, but the new institutional design that allows us to have profiles of different teachers. "

From the beginning, The Portuguese army argument was the "hierarchization of education formation". "The teacher's training profile for new teachers in the education system," they said. After this goal, the betting launches a "more innovative" model, interdisciplinary project-based work, virtualization, technology use and socio-emotional abilities.

3) Attracting young people

The city of Buenos Aires is an exception. The opposite of what happens in the rest of the country, even if it is excessive, There is no teacher in the city. Numbers vary, but between 400 and 500 jobs, according to official sources. The need of the Buenos Aires government brought an urgent call from the inside to foreigners this year; A measure published so far.

A wide range of free universities, Buenos Aires, believes that they choose other options. Part of the project consists in the creation of a proposal for the renewal of proposals for children who finish their school institute That was obligatory for the teaching of the university to be seen with good eyes.

The project's other critical criticism is a quote. UniCABA is mentioned in the 2019 budget, but it does not match the corresponding match. "It was only one point of the initial proposal, they said since they had made the money. Of course, we did not agree, but before leaving the high schools, we do not know. In addition to the diagnostic criticism, it is a fiscally irresponsible project "Leandro Halperín, the lawmaker of Evolution, said this media.

Executives from Buenos Aires have confirmed "The University does not have a budget for 2019, which will only be launched in 2020". During the periods set by the Higher Education Department, they must authorize the Political Secretariat of the University and the CONEAU approval and institutional project. Likewise, when it is set in motion, "they will not dismantle the institutes".

5) Not only teacher training

Along with the reformulación of the project, besides the training of professors, the university includes other careers. Together with the Ministry of Economy and Finance, They work in the care of job vacancies to offer careers related to the production of Federal Capital.

By voting, the institutional project will be determined. He will be responsible for organizing the event – "in the best case a woman" – who will be appointed by the governmento. Together they will determine the academic offer, the operation and the staff. The verification process will be one year long, but the teacher assessment in the center will be affected.

Then, like any university, the study house will have academic and institutional autonomy and economic, financial and administrative autarky.

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