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"Today we have not chosen a polyamore," they say a thousand years of television


Laura Laprida, Noelia Marzol and Johanna Francella, the three protagonists of Millennials, who came to the small screen Source: THE NATION

Nowadays, at 22.30, the new Net TV channel has been put in the air
Millennials, his first fiction, many believe, will be a first approach to the mysterious generation. For this waste that has come to the generation of X, nowadays, the scepter is fighting for centuries. Starting in the thirties, they were born until the end of the last century. In this production, the formation of their DNA wants to decipher the television story. And there they will be. Seductive, overwhelming. So, just as you live on TV.

Noelia Marzol

, Johanna Francella and

Laura Laprida

XXI. He is the main female actress of this century series, engraved in the district of Palermo for several weeks at the Endemol studios. Palermo, away from Jorge Luis Borges, and mixed with bars, breweries, designer shops and TV studios. They are new to television faces, local fiction is not abundant. And the representative of the actor model leaves some conventions of the old way.

Girls gradually reach out to talk with LA NACION, within this program. At dusk at Buenos Aires, and after 12 hours of study, he started at eight in the morning. The first of the stage is Johanna Francella. Nice and very correct. He got up and plunged into his cell phone. Laura Laprida in a couple of minutes. Something far away, a little shy, but very polite. He got up and plunged into his cell phone. Miss Noelia Marzol. Finding the perfect place to take a photo to the side of the channel and the street, the search operation is set to find the third protagonist of the series. Through the maze of corridors of this GPS building, dozens of almost all the channels, a real television set for television. Autoies huntsman would be crazy here. Mystery is revealed: Marzol is changing. Together
dress With the note, it breaks like a whirlpool. Solidarity and effective punishment. He got up and plunged into his cell phone. Three millennial in their purest form. And this is not fiction.

-Girls, excuse me, did we start chatting?

Come on, we come

Three millions of volumes
Three millions of volumes Source: THE NATION

Although they go outdoors, they are quiet. Exclude the pressures and expectations of others. And a few years later, Andrea del Boca or Luisa Kulio was a prototype of the heroes, nowadays they are based on the format of coral and individual compacts. It's not a bad thing "The premiere will calm down anxiety, but we're very relaxed", Johanna Francella breaks the ice. "We are very pleased for the latest product that is being obtained, but it has not always happened to the human team", admitted Noelia Marzol, in a series of media conferences. in his passage
ShowMatch. From Monday to Thursday, a band of up to forty minutes, there are already twenty episodes in the recording process: "Faith works well", Marzole hopes.

Millennials They tell the story of three girls and their boys when they develop their activities
Coworking These three entrepreneurs will share their life with shared work, where gradually, in other words, they mix private work and life in love, infidelity, disagreement and a desire to succeed in a competitive struggle. . Young players are led by Nicolás Riera, Matías Mayer, Juan Guilera and Gastón Soffritti.

"We live in a sustainable change and we adapt easily, I feel very identified with this generation," explained Laura Laprida. Meanwhile, for Marzol, "we've been looking for happiness for thousands of years, regardless of what it feels like to act freely." Needless to say, in three hours, they are seen as very free, they naturalize this road and the previous generations have not begun any questions. "Things that we currently do not accept, the previous generations make us different, an elderly person does not accept uncomfortable love or a place where they do not work, we are more useful, but we are in a good sense of the word. He feels that he must be there, he escapes and Sometimes it is criticized, but if nobody is hurt, it is valid, "Francella says. Talk about the virtue of Nes. Perhaps an apology for the invasion. "Yes, it may be a mistake, but it is also a misfortune, the relationship can not have consequences but you have to choose yourself, which is why I accept it," he added.

"In the collective unconscious, the network of thousands of years is closely linked to technology, with express communications, to make it easier to show." Marzole admits, while Francella adds: "It's difficult to understand how we think, how we live, freedom, we believe, the next generation will be closer to our parents than our generation."

They come from three family preservatives.
Johanna's father, Guillermo Francella, is the daughter of the sister and Nicolás, following the same artistic steps: "At home I understand my work as we grew up with the father and father, we can ask for advice, despite the fact that the final decision is mine." Apart from his last name, he enjoys the blood that crosses his veins: "Pressure is not mine, but the world in which we take arms, we have the same name but we are different people, each in their own career."

Noelia Iriarte, who grew up in the north of the province of Buenos Aires, did not understand the vocation of abuse: "My elders find this world strange, but they refuse to accept it."

Laura Laprida,
Our sister, María, died a few months ago, daughter of María Eugenia Trilliz. Her father is a pollen and a businessman. Pilar was born and he chose a college career. For two years he acted as a radiologist at Fernandez hospitals, until he was able to obtain artistic blood from his mother: "When I am undergoing a career as a Mama chocha, the Pope is conservative. My mother and my aunts had nothing to do with … neat, naive More. "And yes, it takes a chance
Millennials with bold scenes. "My father is not seeing him," he persuades or prays?

Millennials … Conservatives?

Marzol, Laprida and Francella will be released on Monday at Net TV's new production
Marzol, Laprida and Francella will be released on Monday at Net TV's new production Source: THE NATION

They signed Italian Darío Fo and Franca Rame
Open pairsHe spoke about the bourgeois hypocrisy about civility. Johanna, Noelia and Laura will be amazed a little more. A modest version of the generation, with more commitment in love practice. "I am very traditional, I have been in contact with my boyfriend for two years and I have not had an open couple, but we are living with a lot of freedom to talk about sexuality, because that is a lack of great information about it. I am obsessed with being sex education It's time to talk, "says Marzol. Francella, on the other hand, repeated several times during the speech: "I'm alone …". Everyone laughed gracefully. "I see love for free, I do not judge anything, I love as people want to live.
Millennials Personally, it does not seem to me with an open relationship, but I do not see anyone who acts badly. There's no polyamore here, but if you say your polyamore, nothing happens, "he stressed, and Laprida says:" I've been a girlfriend for two years and I'm traditional, but I can not say I'll think the same thing for ten years . Because I do not know what will happen. Every relationship is a world and I accept that everything must be done to work with the couple. "

When a couple has asked for the possibility of widening their sexual intercourse, the girls have prepared the answer. "I give these thoughts, of course, if my boyfriend is looking for new things, I would like to share with you, in that sense it may be a bit open, but I always talk and agree, seeing each one of its limits. I would not suggest it or madness "says Marzol closer to the girl of a thousand inhabitants, than the sexy media bombs. "I'm alone!" Johanna repeats the laughter of others. "I do not judge, I do not feel today, but I do not know for ten years," says the actor's father's daughter. Laprida, perhaps, the most conservative and elite family admits: "I do not need it, I'm not curious, I do not tell you I would never say it, I would never say something, if the couple needs …" As regards the last question, the choirs are proud of it There are: "We have not chosen a polyamore today", and they enter their phones to test social networks. Actually, they did not stop during the whole debate.
Millennials in a clean state.

Who is who

Noelia Marzol Source: THE NATION

Noelia Marzol. Born in 1986 His personality is from Florence, from Argañara, with his girlfriend Juan Manuel Losada (Juan Guilera).

How is Florence? "It is impossible, it does not have too much code, it wants to be happy, to be happy, impulsive, lively and bipolar."

How is Noelia? "I am very funny and not structured, but it is far more than Flor".

Johanna Francella Source: THE NATION

Johanna Francella. Born in 1993 His character is Alma Carrizo, Rodrigo Ruiz (Matías Mayer) with his girlfriend.

What is Alma? "He is definitely the mother of his groom, so he does not frustrate him, but he is lost in that transport and is attractive to another boy, Alma does not measure the consequences of what he disagrees."

What is Johanna? "You look at the character a bit because you always put yourself. When I first read the script I thought Alma was very far away, it was a challenge, I did not throw myself into the pool as soon as I entered."

Laura Laprida Source: THE NATION

Laura Laprida Born in 1990 His character is Ariana Beltrán, with Benjamín Céspedes, girlfriend (Nicolás Riera).

How is Ariana? "He lives with his boyfriend, has a very complex and terminal heart disease, but naturalizes and adapts, his boyfriend finds serious and irreverent mistakes, but he seeks around and proposes something together."

How is Laura? "I identify myself with the ability to adapt through reality."

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