Tuesday , June 22 2021

Tolosa pardon: he killed his 10-year-old brother, shot his wife and proclaimed himself

The Tolosa room is heard this morning, before a man who was killed by a knife and a bullet after his 10-year-old husband, and his wife was in the midst of a strong family debate. In the meantime, the phone's failure in the biology of children's 521 and 140 year olds failed to try to stop what happened in Toulouse (see https://www.eldia.com/nota/2018- 11-27-8-29-0-terrible-shock- and-roll-place-big-beat-in-san-carlos-police)

The incident occurred at 7 in the morning, in a house of 116, between 529 and 530. TO FIND OUT OF DATA to find out about the current case, the child should be punctured in the chest, with a knife and then with a bullet, Women would have a bullet on the face and a serious condition.

After attacking anger, the man locked his wardrobe in arms, negotiating the Hawk Group to leave his position.

He participated in the personal operation of the Sixth Police and Patrol Command, and the accused is "homicide and injuries."

Obviously, the Patrol Command staff reported a wounded man's report to his home. Then the troops noticed the presence of a sudden bloodied trojan, who had bruises in his ears.

The youngest 10-year-old also found a knife inserted in the chest and a shot in his head. According to women, injuries were caused by a man inside the house and they were taken by firearms.

As a result of the event, the wounded woman was immediately called for an ambulance for women. While men locked in the bathroom and threatened the police, Falcon Group was asked for mediation.

The sources of the cases also revealed that the couple had dragged a number of conflicts and complained that the woman had been raped.

In addition, based on sources of information about this newspaper, they talked about the last night, and the women did not want to come closer and would not see it again. This morning, the case was a serious outcome.

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